Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Just wanted to share this beautifully coloured-in, ferocious little dinosaur we found left on our table at the pub tonight by an anonymous artist. I like his spikiness. And his lovely red jumper.


  1. He is a spiky customer and no mistake! I drew a lovely picture of my girlfriend in a similar frame and intend to insist that it is displayed behind the bar. If they refuse, we are going to take some blu-tak and perform a guerilla-stick manoeuvre.
    However, when I drew the portrait I declared drunkenly 'oh, I'm a very good artist' and then went a bit reckless with her features, and spasmodic with coloured pencils that I demanded - Mediev Ale will do strange things to a girl with an artistic bent.

  2. fun illustration!
    Great blog, definitely be back lots! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xx