Sunday, 30 January 2011


You might have noticed I have replaced my blog photos with ones with watermarks on saying something like ‘copyright Victoria McParlin 2011’. I don’t like watermarks meself, I think they look unattractive and stop you seeing the image as well but, unfortunately, I have found a couple of light-fingered websites have been stealing my images to use as their own. I’ve got them to take my work off their sites now, but I am proper miffed. And told them so. For a company to rip off an artist’s work instead of buying it seems highly immoral to me, especially as it’s a field which is the first to face cuts during hard times. I’ve recently seen a few blog entries from other illustrators whose designs have been stolen by large companies who make hundreds of thousands of pounds profit on someone else’s ideas and work, whilst avoiding paying a small fee for the design. Grr..

A watermark on a picture identifies me as the owner and is an inconvenience for the tea-leaves to remove. So, I’m sorry if you dislike them as much as I do, but that’s the reason why they’re on now and why they’re here to stay. Soz.

Anyway, I hate to leave a blog post on a sour note so here’s a lovely picture of a set of cups and saucers I got from a charity shop this week, with a cracking orange and brown retro print. Can anyone else see the cats faces in the design or is it just me?

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