Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Works of heart (ba dum tish!)

Happy St. Valentine’s Day dear blog readers. I never celebrate it myself, but I do love to use love as a theme in my work. I’ve been playing around lately with vintage tattoos, my current obsession. I like the really old, grainy from ones back in the days when only sailors and convicts had tattoos. They lend themselves brilliantly to love-themes and I especially love the saucy pinup girls and stylised roses which can be effectively teamed with more modern imagery. I’ll show you some little watercolours I’ve done all in this style soon so you can see what I mean.
As a lovely Valentine’s day treat (ooh!) I’m going to show you some photos taken today, including a small painting I’ve just finished. The colours haven’t scanned so well, so you’ll have to imagine a watery blue sky and billows of rich purple in the little girl’s coat and the sharp orange and red of her hair. Actually, the red frame contains one of those vintage tattoo inspired watercolours if you squint hard!

click to enlarge

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