Friday, 25 March 2011

Charidee, mate

On Friday I went to the beautiful Mansion House in Jesmond, Newcastle, for a charity art sale in aid of the Alzheimer's Society There was an auction of high profile artwork and a postcard sale with lovely things to suit all budgets and a talk by local artist Sarah-Jane Szikora on her work and a champagne reception. Apologies for not telling you in advance, I did write a blog post about it but blogspot wouldn't let me publish it.

I donated one of my little framed vintage tattoo paintings which sold, woop! I started working with vintage tattoo designs for the Open Studios event last year and really got into it, I love the history, meanings, stories and symbolism. I produced half a dozen designs, mixing the vintage themes, lettering and styles with some modern imagery. I have secret designs to be a tattoo artist. Have you seen Miami Ink? It's a program set in a tattoo shop in Miami and features some great artists making some amazing art. It's where I first saw Kat Von D's work She does the most incredible portrait tattoos, look at her photo gallery and see for yourself. I have a total girl crush on her, I want to be her friend and do tattoos in her shop in LA.

The painting I donated is the blue one in the photo below (sorry about the flash glare, the frames have an iridescent glaze). The purple one is my favourite so I'm keeping it for myself. The red one with the swallows and a rose is my last one and available to buy at a terribly reasonable price. It's an original ink and watercolour and comes with the frame. If you're interested, please email me on

click to enlarge

Anyway, back to the art event - there was some lovely work in every medium going and something to suit all tastes. Some people got some real bargains too. Top bid of the night was a small original drawing of gingerbread men by the artist giving the talk earlier on in the night which went for an amazing £1000. If I find out how much we raised for the Alzheimer's Society, I'll let you know. Wish I'd brought more cash we me, I'll know for next time!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Measure twice, cut once..

That is good advice by the way..
I’ve not long finished making 100 or so handmade wedding invitations for my brother and sister-in-law to be for their wedding later this year. They had their own ideas of what they wanted so I didn’t do much except show them what the ideas in their heads looked like as an actual invite and do a little drawing of the venue which features on the front of each one. Then I assembled all the ingredients and made them pretty.
The wedding isn’t for a while yet so I shan’t reveal the finished invites, but I will show you the wedding invite factory (dining table) when I was still at the planning and trial and error stages and trying out measurements, papers and layouts. I loved having a special role in the wedding plans and I’m really pleased with how they turned out, simple and elegant.. unlike their creator. Look forward to showing you the finished articles later on in the year.

Planning stages

Go Bananas Bear Biscuits - a vital part of the creative process!