Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is..

Oh I LOVE spring! When everything is new and green and pretty and the nights are lighter and you can go sit in the beer garden in a dress drinking cold cider marvelling with your friends how 3 weeks ago you were still putting the heating on and wearing a jumper to bed..

Anyway, I have been a very busy bee of late doing wedding-y things, baby plates, cups, eggcups and painting walls etc. I’m making a wedding gift for my brother and sister in law to be (SILTB) and I really hope they like it as it is massively time-consuming. My brother has always been very positive about things I make and my SILTB is very supportive too but I don’t know if I have as good a handle on her taste yet as I do his. Well, I’ll make it and if they don’t want it, I’ll have it, haha. I’ll put it on my living room wall along with the 50 other pieces up there. What else am I doing today? Erm, I’m sewing feathers onto a lovely hat an aunty is wearing to the wedding and painting a christening plate for twin girls too, two right little cuties, then painting in a different way by adding Brooklyn Nights to the bedroom walls. I’d rather put the decorating away mind, seeing as it’s a lovely day.

Anyways, something I lurve about spring is all the new wildlife, especially the new birds. I am slightly obsessed with birdies, though not as much as my mate Beth. I once mentioned her being obsessed and she denied it, until I pointed out that she was denying being obsessed with birds whilst wearing a bird-print top, sitting under 3 flying porcelain swallows going up the wall and next to a collection of about 20 ornamental birds, bird pictures, bird calendars, bird jewellery and decorative boxes with birds on the lids. She was forced to admit she might have bird obsession denial. Here she is showing some love for one of her many bird ornaments whilst wearing the bird-print top.

My dad loves a bit of nature too and has built a bird table which he’s put up in his back garden. It’s been attracting loads of weeny little birds. I’ve seen blue tits, robins, a pair of magpies and the fattest pigeon you’ve ever seen. I love the pigeon best, he’s one of the pretty pastelly-coloured wood pigeony ones and his stupid squat stance and pigeon-toes make me smile. Here are some of my spring birdie drawings made from tiny dots.

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  1. love the birdie drawings.. particularly top right one :)

  2. The silly squat pigeon! Thanks Dani x