Thursday, 9 June 2011

Happy National Ceramics Week!

Get the balloons blown up and the party poppers out! It’s that time of year I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to since ooohh, this time last year!

I wish I knew how to make beautiful ceramics. I think this every time I go into the Newcastle Arts Centre and see all the lovely things made by local artists. I did a college course back in the day, which gave you tasters of different arts and design disciplines before specialising, but I passed up ceramics to do textiles. Shame I couldn’t do both, still, might learn one of these days.

Anyway, I might not know how to make ceramics, but I do know how to paint them. Here’s the christening plate I recently did for two gorgeous little twin girls I mentioned in the last blog entry.
Click to enlarge

If you would like to order a plate for a birth, christening, wedding, birthday, anniversary etc, just send me an email at:

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