Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jacked Up

I love the Union Jack. Not in a Nick-Griffin-got-one-pinned-above-the-bed kind of way or in this context, even a ‘lets think about what the flag actually stands for’ kind of way but in the sense that I like it as a piece of design. It’s one of the more interesting flags to look at. Makes the Aussie flag prettier. More striking than Poland, less showy-offy than Papau New Guinea. 

Anyway, I have a future project in mind involving flag designs but I don’t want to wait to show you this fantastic Union Jack flooring by Scott Carter-Dowding of SCD Flooring. I like how just changing one colour makes it look so different. Scott did all the flooring in my home, I wish I’d thought of this before he finished though.

click to enlarge

Scott’s a Master Fitter and if you’re looking for new carpet or decorative flooring including specialist work, you can reach him on 07753 747910, by email at:, or check out his website, or facebook page!/pages/SCD-Flooring/189006351130943?sk=info.

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