Saturday, 22 October 2011

Octopus Ink

You regular readers may remember that for last year’s 20x20 show at the Mushroom Works for Open Studios 2010, I showed some vintage-style tattoo paintings of my own design.

The client who bought the sugar skull painting was recently in touch and commissioned a drawing in the same style, of an octopus wrapped around an anchor. He gave me free rein on the composition and colours, the only specification being that it had to feature evil eyes and lots of suckers! This is a lil bit of the finished drawing:

click to enlarge
Well, he’s only gone and had it tattooed on his arm! I am so flattered that someone likes one of my drawings so much, that they’d actually have it permanently inked onto their skin. I asked for a photo so you could see. This is the outline and main colour, so only halfway through - I’ll post a photo of the final piece once the detail is completed:

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I harbour secret desires to be a tattoo artist, this might be the first of many, especially as I’ll be working on some Day of the Dead designs with a local tattooist over the next week or two.
If you want to commission a design, please contact me in the usual way on

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