Sunday, 13 November 2011

You Got The Silver

I’ve been learning Silversmithing on a course run by jewellery designer/maker Imogen of Imogen Shafto Design, who really knows her stuff.

I love playing with tools and I’ve really enjoyed the course, learning how to use, measure, cut, work, shape, affix and manipulate different metals and how to make my designs on paper into a real, tangible product. It’s mostly a detailed and fiddly process, which I love, thought I have to remember to rein in my natural impulses to add too much detail and overwork things. I’m never satisfied and always think I can improve my work if I keep going, which ironically is exactly the sort of thing which can ruin it instead.

So far, I’ve made a copper ring, a pendant of a little bird on a brass perch and a silver bangle inspired by the recent octopus tattoo. The open ends of the bangle look like a curled tentacle complete with silver suckers which were unbelievably challenging, shall we say, to do. I got an immense amount of satisfaction at getting it finished though.

click to enlarge

There were some fantastic pieces of work produced by the class and some impressive and innovative designs from the other students.

If you want to commission a piece, please contact me the usual way on

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