Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Class Glass Class

I've always fancied working with glass since my parents took me to Caithness Glass on one of our many tours of Scotland. I particularly loved watching the globules of molten glass being snipped, shaped, poked and dropped into beautiful paperweights. I tried glass painting once but it wasn't satisfying, too similar to just painting. I like tools, crafts where you get your hands dirty.

So when Bryan Curtis of Northern Star Stained Glass Studio ran a stained glass workshop, I was excited to give it a try. Bryan has over 20 years experience as a skilled craftman and his studio showcases some beautiful examples of decorative glass by him and his pupils. Bryan showed us how to make a suncatcher from several pieces of coloured and textured glass - how to make a simple design, cut the glass, cut and solder the leading and cement the glass in place.

It was lots of fun! If you'd like to try yourself, there are two more workshops coming up and you can find details via the Mushroom Works website:

Here's a couple of photos and a link to Bryan's site:



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