Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Preview Review

The preview night of the Ouseburn Open Studios at Mushroom Works went fandabeedozee.

People turned out in their hundreds to look around the studios and meet the artists inside and hundreds of 20x20s flew off the walls in just two hours. I think I saw around half of mine in the queue to the till. Exciting!

It's very flattering watching customers take my work off the wall and lovely to meet people and answer their questions. I tried to earwig on a couple's discussion on which 20x20s to buy where my Emperor Dragonfly was one of the contenders, but my Batfink super-sonic sonar radar was on the blink. They did buy it in the end though, and my Queen Bee.

A very good night.

If you'd like to come along, the Mushroom Works will be open 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday too, get yourself down!


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